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Transgloway Logistics  do not end at Cargo delivery Only. Transgloway Logistics has a well equiped Pet Department incharge in pet transport.We have experts that will take very good care of your pets .We have pet cratfs design for pets alone. Some clients do not like their pets put into the cargo section so your pet will have to fly in a pet cratf design for such transportation. We Offer the following deliveries:



From one box to full pallets to full plane charters, Transgloway Logistics  has an air freight solution for you that fits into your shipping budget. We have strong affiliations with almost every major carrier on the planet, offering you the best rates and flexibility. Go air with SCM

- Transgloway Logistics offers domestic pet transport services when you need a helping hand…

In order to travel domestically, your pet will need the following:

  • Current Rabies Vaccination & Rabies Vaccination Certificate
  • Domestic Health Certificate / Fit to Fly certificate from your Veterinarian.

If you need help, we are here.
Transporting your family pet is as important to us as it is to you.  Realizing that every pet and their owner have different needs, Transgloway Logistics  offers a range of optional services that can be added to your pets’ itinerary to make the journey more comfortable for them – and more practical and convenient for you.

With pickup and delivery Agents throughout the US, optional services can be easily in most locations..

Domestic travel services include:

Advice and “move coordination”

Pickup from home, a friend, relative or boarding kennel at origin

Travel crate

Delivery to airport and airline check-in


Comfort Stopovers (if required)

Health checks, health certificates and veterinary treatments

Boarding & Kenneling

Collection from airport

Delivery to new home, friend, relative or boarding kennel at destination

Before you plan a long “road trip” with your pets, please also consider that your pet may impact your ability to visit tourist attractions, state & national parks, restaurants or hotels.  Roadside potty breaks and motion sickness may also make your road trip less comfortable.

Speak to a Pet Relocation Specialist about a customized travel plan that will benefit you and your pet.

International Pet Transport

When travelling overseas, Transgloway Logistics can help your pet to avoid, or have significantly reduced quarantine. All international destinations (and Hawaii) have strict rules surrounding the entry of pets. In most cases, travel preparations including veterinary treatments or obtaining permits may need to start months before departure.  With adequate preparation time, quarantine in most destinations can be completely eliminated, or significantly reduced. Whether you are travelling from the USA, back to the USA, or between any other countries, Transgloway Logistics can make your move easier for you and your pets. With a huge network of expert handling Agents throughout the USA and overseas, Transgloway Logistics can care for your furry kids throughout the world.

International Transport service options include;

  • Advice and “move coordination”
  • Veterinary advice and treatments
  • Veterinary & travel document compliance reviews
  • Pickup from home, a friend, relative or boarding kennel at origin
  • Travel crate
  • Delivery to airport and airline check-in
  • Flight/s
  • Comfort Stopovers (if required)
  • Boarding & Kenneling
  • Permits
  • Quarantine (if required)
  • Collection from airport
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery to new home, friend, relative or boarding kennel at destination
  • Dedication and commitment to the welfare of your furry kids!

Advance-preparation is the key.  Speak to a Pet Relocation Specialist to discuss your relocation needs, and together we can structure a customized travel program that will benefit you and your pet.

Experienced pet transport specialists to all countries from US. Transgloway Logistics takes the stress out of relocating pets overseas. Whether you are travelling from Hong Kong to Istanbul, Sydney to London, or Hawaii to Amsterdam, Transgloway Logisticscan help. 

With a comprehensive network of specialists all over the world, Transgloway Logistics can provide experienced handling and management services in most global locations.  A trained Transgloway Logistics Pet Relocation Specialist will provide ongoing “project manage” of your important move, and work with airlines and locals at origin & destination to ensure that handling and care services are provided.

We have many furry clients that we have safely relocated to multiple international locations with their ‘jet-setting” parents who relocate around the world for career or personal reasons.

Some destinations require months of planning and preparations, and as regulations are constantly changing, please contact a Pet Relocation Specialist to obtain early advice.

Design Delivery Services

Pick Up & Delivery

Transgloway Logistics Pet Department provides pickup and delivery of your pet between your residence and airports

Health documents

We arrange any and all required veterinary services and health documentation for domestic and global destinations

Flight Kennels

We supply USDA and IATA complaint flight kennels of various Sizes to accomodate any type of pet

Trip Logistics

We coordinate all airline routing and male reservations on the most direct flights

Trip Logistics

We coordinate all airline routing and male reservations on the most direct flights

Permits & Custom  

Clearance We apply for import permits and transit permits when required. Also very important-we provide Custom clearance in U.S as well as abroad

USDA Endorsements

We arrange for USDA endorsement and consular legalization of documents

Quarantine needed?

Transgloway Logistics can arrange quarantine if required


Relocating your pet can make some pet-parents feel a little anxious. Your pet’s welfare is in good hands, as it’s safety means everything to Transgloway Logistics

Transgloway Logistics Travel Advice

You can be assured that Transgloway Logistics is here to alleviate any concerns by way of a thorough, transparent and organized approach to relocating your  pet.

Contrary to some concerns, when pets fly they do not travel in freezing or pitch black conditions, nor are they mixed in with the baggage and general cargo.

Pets travel in a cargo-compartment that is dedicated to pet transport that is pressurized and dimly lit so that your furry kids can see what is happening around them.

The captain of the aircraft will set the temperature to between approximately 65-75 deg F (18-23 deg C) to ensure that pets travel comfortably.

What we humans experience in the passenger cabin of the plane is similar to what your pets experience.
Travel advice that will help you prepare your pets for their move:

    Do not sedate your pet unless you have discussed this with your Pet Relocation Specialist.

The American Veterinary Medical Association discourages sedatives for animals that will travel at altitude.  Veterinary studies have shown that impacts of sedatives at altitude can include impacts on heart-rate and blood pressure as well as dehydration, disorientation and travel sickness.  If required, sedatives must be administered by a veterinarian, and may require a disclaimer for travel.
    Try to help your pet become accustomed to its travel crate before travel.  If your pet only sees the crate when it’s time to visit the vet – your pet probably hates the crate already!  Setup the crate in the living room, without the door attached, and with bedding & treats inside.  Don’t force your pet into the crate, but instead provide positive reinforcement and rewards when your pet ventures inside.  Don’t lock it inside during the early days of acclamation.   Your pet may need many weeks or months to become comfortable with its crate, however it’s worth the effort.  Correct crate acclamation will help your pet to relax and negate a need for sedatives.
    Include a blanket, toy or something your pet is familiar with in the travel crate with your pet.  Include an article of clothing that you have been wearing, so that you pet is reminded of you during its trip.
    Do not feed your pet a full meal within eight hours prior to the flight as this may cause an upset stomach (a light treat is okay).  Allow time for adequate “potty break” before your pet goes into its crate.
    Take your pet for a walk or let your pet stretch its legs before they go into the travel crate.
    Ensure your pet drinks plenty of water and is well hydrated.
    Ensure your pets vaccinations and parasite treatments are up to date.


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