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Transgloway Logistics is a global leading agent for exports from the United States. Our personalized export programs have been giving US companies a competitive edge for over 25 years running. With a dedicated network of over 6000 agents worldwide, Transgloway Logistics is well equipped to ship your products to any destination, no matter how remote, with rapid ease. We are also a widely recognized agent for thousands of foreign freight comapnies across the globe, handling routed freight to all parts of the globe with confidence and trust.

Our professional staff of export agents are on call to assist our customers in Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Project Freight, Letters of Credit, Insurance, Customs legalization, and all aspects of International Freight Documentation.


Our export division is staffed with logistics pro's in Air Freight utilizing the latest in technology to facilitate your global sales. We offer personalized service to all our clients, from initial quoting phase, to the arrival of your freight to it's final destination. Transgloway Logistics  offers customs tracking, tracing, and complete door to door logistics solution that is unsurpassed in the industry. A highly trusted IATA agent, Transgloway Logistics is trusted to book freight on a wide variety of International carriers and flights thoughout the globe, at any time. We also offer full charters for large scale and specialty shippers.


Transgloway Logistics offers a wide array of choices when it comes to Ocean freight exports. We are a licensed NVOCC with a huge amount of expertise in transporting cargo's on a regular basis to foreign ports. We are an extension of US exporters supply chains, offering in house solutions to companies looking to leverage the global marketplace. Let us design a customized program that suits your business today.


Complementing our turnkey logistics services, Transgloway Logistics Group offers comprehensive in-house warehousing and packing operations. A full range of export preparation services for service excellence, improved performance, and management of costs. With wide-ranging experience across many industries, our team has the hands-on experience and knowledge to design and produce superior export packing solutions. Our goal is to provide the most cost-efficient and custom-made solutions. So that your cargo arrives safely and intact.

       During export preparation of your cargo, we consider all aspects of proper packaging required for safe transportation. This includes the type of cargo to be export packed, the amount of handling, long or short-term storage as well as handling during conveyance. We also take into account infrastructure issues in the ultimate destination country.

      Our skilled staff can crate, pack and prepare all types of cargo for air, ocean, and ground shipments in order to provide safe delivery of your materials. All wood material used is certified to meet ISPM-15 wood restrictions for international shipping. As part of the Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program (IACSSP), Gateway is a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF).

Service options include:

  • Export Crating 
  • Hood Boxing 
  • Hazardous Materials & Dangerous Goods 
  • Domestic Packing 
  • On-Site Packing 
  • Site Relocation Services
  • Electronic Packing 
  • Banding & Recouping 
  • Vacuum Packing 
  • Moisture Vapor Protection
  • VCI Protective Coating and Corrosion Prevention
  • Fumigation 
  • Shrink Wrap 
  • Reusable Crate Fabrication 
  • Corrugated Boxing 
  • Warehousing & Storage 
  • Ocean Container Loading
    • Standard Containers
    • Open Top Containers
    • High Cubes
    • Flat Racks
    • Out of Gauge
    • Break-bulk
    • Automobiles
    • Drums 

  • Personal Effects Entry
  • Continuous Bonds
  • Coordination of Customs Examinations
  • FDA, USDA Processing
  • Letter of Credit
  • Domestic and International Freight
  • Customs Entries, ISF filing
  • In-Bond Entry & Re-forwarding
  • Specialized Classification
  • Application for Importer ID
  • General Order Liens Release

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