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Keeping up with constantly changing international trade and security regulations can be a challenge. The inability to do so can be disastrous. Demand for due diligence for importers and exporters has moved to an even higher level. Failure to do so can be costly and result in fees, fines, and even impounded cargo.

Transgloway Logistics can make your job easier and help you meet changing business conditions and reduce risk. We offer complete customs clearance and brokerage services through our subsidiary, Transgloway Logistics International Clearance Services, Inc.

As licensed customs brokers, our role is vital in the daily interaction with governmental agencies. Our customs brokerage team is supported by the most up-to-date systems, which allow us to navigate the import filing process and ensure proper import compliance and reporting for our customers. Transgloway Logistics understands the requirements of U.S. Customs for timeliness and accuracy of filing entries, classification of goods, preferential tariff treatment, as well as the financial aspects of services such as duty drawback.

Through the ABI (Automated Broker Interface) system interface, Transgloway Logistics has the ability to obtain automated clearance approval – often prior to the discharge of the cargo. Your cargo clears faster, more efficiently and without costly delays. For a better bottom line.

Transgloway Logistics is also C-TPAT certified (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) for effective management of your U.S. inbound shipments and actively participates with local government agencies to ensure continued security.


  • In-House, Licensed Customs Brokers 
  • Destination Clearance
  • Electronic Reporting and Filing with ACH and ABI
  • Formal and Informal Entries
  • NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
  • USA Pre-Clearance
  • Automated Tariff Classification 
  • GSP Entries (Generalized System of Preferences)
  • Duty Drawback
  • FTZ (Free Trade Zone Entries) 
  • RLF (Remote Location Filing)
  • Carnets
  • Liaison with Governmental Agencies
  • Customer Training Programs
  • Customs Audit Preparation
  • Import Best Practices
  • Bond Applications and Processing
    • TIB (Temporary Importation Bond)
    • IE (Immediate Export)
    • IT (In Transit Bond)
    • T&E (Transportation & Export)


Clear your goods through customs and pay all fees in one seamless transaction with WCS expert customs brokerage services for imports to the USA. We are well versed in all the latest U.S Customs regulations, including Import Security Filing (ISF 10+2). Our logistics professionals can streamline your entire importing operation. Call us today for more info.

Custom Broker Services

Personal Effects Entry

Continuous Bonds

Coordination of Customs Exams

FDA, USDA Processing

Letter of Credit

Domestic and International Freight

Customs Entries, ISF filing

In-Bond Entry & Re-forwarding

Specialized Classification

Application for Importer IDr


Importer Security Filing-ISF 10+2 is now mandatory for all importers via ocean container to the USA. World Class Shipping, in compliance with these guidelines, offers it’s customers info and guidance on U.S. Customs ISF filing, keeping your imports moving smoothly.

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