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Transgloway Logistics understands and accepts our responsibility to protect the environment and the health and safety of our employees, contractors, business partners and the general public. Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSS&E) performance are core values of the corporation and will be managed as an integral part of our business. All of Transgloway Logistics employees are responsible for assuring that we achieve continual and measurable improvement in HSS&E.

Transgloway Logistics STRIVE TO

Comply with all applicable HSS&E laws and regulations

  • Endeavor to eliminate all accidents, injuries and environmental incidents related to both domestic and international shipping standards and practice
  • Make HSS&E management a priority throughout our global operations, including transportation options, planning, carrier selection, warehousing and office facilities and processes
  • Be a community leader in our green component and sustainability program by reducing global emissions and waste, and using energy and natural resources effectively, efficiently and intelligently by reducing negative environmental impacts
  • Training and assisting our employees, suppliers, customers, contractors, and commercial partners to promote responsible management of transportation, products and processes
  • Encourage constructive communication with our employees, suppliers, customers and neighbors on managing health, safety, security and environmental issues

This policy will be enabled through corporate standards and management plans that establish objectives and targets. Implementation will be achieved through management and organizational commitment, allocation of sufficient human and capital resources, and rigorous measurement and corrective action systems.


Transgloway Logistics  has always been highly committed to ensuring corporate quality. The company strives to ensure that our organization and processes remain both comprehensive and consistent. We currently deploy standardized regulatory, operational and compliance procedural guidelines – all a part of our operational excellence and quality initiatives to supplement our standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Our quality management program consists of four major components – planning, control, assurance and improvement. All components work together towards the achievability of consistent quality output. Through the use of measureable and definable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we are also able to track our areas of excellence and areas of improvement.

A significant part of Transgloway Logistics’s continuous improvement program is to ensure that corrective action takes place in order to prevent the recurrence of non-conformances. It is a key part of our quality program that non-conformances are reviewed and root causes are determined. Once the corrective action is implemented, a follow-up review is conducted in order to determine if the action was a successful and effective remedy.

Our Quality Objectives Consist Of.....

  • Understanding our current and future clients’ needs
  • Meeting and exceeding our customers’ requirements and expectations
  • Establishing leadership unity of purpose and direction
  • Involving all appropriate Transgloway Logistics personnel at all levels of the organization
  • Improving current process performance based on client-specific criteria
  • Identifying and acting on opportunities for continuous improvement

Through the leadership of executive management, and more importantly, through our actions, we build an environment where employees are fully involved in our quality processes. Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement drives our business. We are firmly committed to be the very best we can be.

Transgloway Logistics is dedicated to continuously improving the services needed to meet, anticipate, and exceed our clients’ requirements. In accomplishing this, we will favourably impact the successes of our clients, while significantly contributing to our own well-being. 


Transgloway Logistics focus on sustainable development and continuous improvement are key elements of our global strategy and corporate values. We take great pride in the quality of our work and deeply respect the cultures and environments in which we operate. Transgloway Logistics’s logistics expertise and commitment to both operational excellence and the safe transport of hazardous materials provides assurance to our clients that their cargo is always handled properly, with a view to the environment as well as personal safety.

As a service oriented company, Transgloway Logistics endeavours to meet the needs of the present without compromising the environment for future generations. To be sustainable, a company must find an equitable balance between economic viability, the environmental health of our community as well as our social resources, which comprise of our employees, sub-contractors, vendors, clients and communities.


Our program goals consist of:

  • Reducing the company’s environmental footprint and impact
  • Using sustainability as a tool for economic development
  • Introducing sustainability principles to our employees

It is important, to the company’s ownership, management and employees, to lead by example, minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations and activities while promoting innovative solutions to critical environmental problems. Transgloway Logistics has ultimate responsibility for the health and safety within the company and its subsidiaries. The management team within Transgloway Logistics Logistics Group is actively committed to the continuous improvement of the company standards of health, safety, security and the environment in the workplace. Our people are the company’s key resource, and their health, safety, and welfare are central to our core values.


As a global service provider, Transgloway Logistics Group recognizes and understands its obligation to comply with an ever expanding array of domestic and international regulations. Transgloway Logistics is committed to ensuring that all business activities on behalf of the company observe and respect these regulations and conform to the highest standards of integrity. Transgloway Logistics, its directors, and its employees shall conduct Transgloway Logistics's business affairs honestly, fairly, impartially, and in an ethical manner at all times. 

Conduct, which could potentially damage Transgloway Logistics Logistics’ reputation or create the appearance of illegal, unethical or improper conduct, is strictly prohibited. Every employee is expected to and is responsible for representing Transgloway Logistics  in a manner that both protects and promotes the company’s values, brand, and reputation. 

Transgloway Logistics will strive to continually strengthen our global ethics policy by:

Understanding and respecting the relevant rules and regulations across our global portfolio of commercial activities

Developing and enforcing corporate standards to ensure strict compliance by our workforce

Selecting a diverse population of both staff and business partners who share similar values and standards of integrity

Proactively engaging with staff and business partners to identify and address potential compliance concerns 

Positively supporting all of Transgloway Logistics’s stakeholders in their efforts to live up to these objectives

It is essential for each director and employee of Transgloway Logistics to review this policy and understand the principles of ethical conduct set forth herein. This policy will be reinforced through effective training and by our communication of clear corporate standards.


As a leading global logistics provider, Transgloway Logistics is committed to conducting our daily operations in accordance with the import and export control laws and regulations of the United States and other countries. It is the policy of Transgloway Logistics to comply with all U.S. Import / Export Control Laws. Export control laws restrict certain types of information, technologies, and commodities that can be transmitted overseas to individuals, including U.S. citizens, or made available to foreign nationals on U.S. soil. Import Laws enables U.S. Customs and Border Protection to properly monitor and manage all legal requirements for goods entering into the United States. It is the responsibility of Transgloway Logistics and staff to be aware of and comply with these laws as well as Transgloway Logistics’s written instructions and procedures.

Transgloway Logistics recognizes:

  • Compliance with U.S. export controls and regulations is important to U.S. National Security, in order to protect U.S. interests at home and abroad. We must ensure that our importation and exportation processes are conducted legally.
  • Compliance not only involves controlled goods and technologies; it also involves restrictions on shipping to certain countries, companies, organizations, and/or individuals. It is critical that Gateway adheres to any and all export regulations, while contributing to U.S. National Security.
  • Violations of these import-export laws could subject Transgloway Logistics to criminal penalties, civil penalties, including large fines, or the loss of import-export privileges. Non-compliance with the applicable rules by Gateway employees could also result in corporate discipline, including dismissal in appropriate cases.

Each employee of SBM Logistics Group must be dedicated to support this policy. Our goals will be attained through training, management, communication and corporate standards. Any deviation or violation of this policy is to be immediately reported to a direct supervisor, management or legal representative of SBM Logistics Group.


We welcome you  ONCE MORE to our website and we are pleased at your interest in our company and in our products and services. We take the protection and confidential treatment of your personal data very seriously, so that you can feel safe and secure when visiting our website. This information on data protection is therefore to inform you when we save what data and how we use it - subject to existing U.S data protection regulations of course.


You can in principle visit our websites without telling us who you are. Our web servers automatically save information of a general nature. This includes the type of web browser, the operating system used, the domain name of your internet service provider, the website which you used as a link to ours, which of our websites you visit, as well as the date and the duration of the visit. This is exclusively information which does not allow you to be identified. We use this information for statistical purposes and in anonymous form only.


Personal data will only be collected if you voluntarily supply it, for example to carry out an order, a poll, a contest or to register for personalised services. In these cases you will be informed of the intended use and, if necessary, be asked for your permission to save the information. Your data is encrypted before transmission and processing in order to protect it from access by unauthorised persons.


Your data will not be sold, rented or made available in any way to third parties. Personal data will only be sent to state institutions and authorities as part of compulsory national legal regulations. Our employees, agencies and dealers are obliged by us to maintain strict confidentiality.

So-called cookies are used in some areas of our websites. A cookie is a small text file which is transferred from a website to your hard disk. Cookies do not harm your computer and do not contain any viruses. The cookies on our internet sites do not collect any personal data of any kind. We use the information contained in the cookies to make it easier for you to use our sites and to adapt them to your needs. Of course you can also browse our website without cookies. If you do not want the cookies to be stored on your computer, you can deactivate the relevant option in the system settings for your browser. You can delete cookies at any time in the system settings for your browser. If however you do not accept any cookies, this may result in function restrictions on our offers.

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